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Pain, discomfort and lack of mobility doesn't have to be part of your day to day.

Our experienced physiotherapists will work out what's causing your problem.
Best of all, with some commitment from you they'll fix it too.

Occasionally your GP or a medical specialist will need to be consulted to get to the bottom of the issue,
but our physiotherapists will use their expertise and collective knowledge to help you move as well as you can with
as little pain and discomfort as possible.

At Recover Physiotherapy, we offer three types of physiotherapy:

Active. Strong.

Reducing pain, improving
movement, restoring function.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy
Women's Health Physiotherapy



Loosening stiff joints, relieving tense muscles, stretching tight nerves, correcting muscle imbalances, and teaching correct movement in order
to treat common complaints including:

  • Headaches

  • Neck and shoulder pain or discomfort

  • Elbow pain caused by overuse

  • Wrist pain caused by swelling

  • Altered sensation in the fingers (tingling, burning, numbness)

  • Low back and buttock pain

  • Aching hips

  • Sore knees

  • Painful feet and ankles



Sports injuries need to be managed differently to injuries incurred as a result of
a sedentary lifestyle or joint degeneration.

After a sports injury:

  • The first 72 hours are critical.

  • Correct assessment, diagnosis and management can be the difference between recovery and permanent disability.

  • Rehabilitation often needs to be aggressive. Our physiotherapists aim to get you back to sport as soon as possible, closely monitoring your progress, focusing on building your strength and stability.

  • Preventing re-injury is imperative. Our skilled physiotherapists understand the physical movement required by your sport, setting functional goals challenging your body's ability to withstand the forces that led to the initial injury.



Our physiotherapists help address the cause of common but often painful, embarrassing and inconvenient symptoms including musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy, bladder control issues and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

At Recover Physiotherapy our expert women's health physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms in a private consulting room.





Instructed by physiotherapists, our physiotherapy exercise sessions using Pilates equipment such as Reformer and Trapezes will help keep your joints mobile, muscles strengthened, movement controlled and, of course, help you get and stay fit!    


Our massages aim to prevent injury, enhance performance, aid recovery and support rehabilitation.

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