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Relax. Recover.

Relax more, heal faster, perform better.


When a part of your body isn't moving properly you're likely to experience pain.

Massage plays an important role in the rehabilitation process at Recover Physiotherapy.

Relax your mind and body with a Swedish massage or get on the road to recovery with a remedial or sports massage. Our highly qualified, professionally trained massage therapists work with you and your physiotherapist ensuring you receive the most appropriate therapeutic massage.

Swedish Massage
Remedial Massage
Sports Massage


A gentle, full-body massage involving long strokes, kneading, compression, tapping, and passive stretching releases tension in both body and mind. Swedish massage is perfect for relaxing and helps reduce pain and joint stiffness, and can improve function for osteoarthritis patients.


Remedial massage involves assessing and treating muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. Deep-tissue techniques help restore muscle length, tension and tone, as well as increase blood and lymph flow to aid healing.


Certain massage techniques are applied to achieve specific goals in sporting individuals. Before an event, friction massages assist warm-up, whilst after an event massage using broad, circular strokes can aid recovery from exertion. Other massage methods are applied to help in rehabilitation after injury.


Working out what's not working, explaining how to fix it and helping you back on the road to recovery - that's physiotherapy   

Instructed by physiotherapists, our physiotherapy exercise sessions using Pilates equipment such as Reformer and Trapezes will help keep your joints mobile, muscles strengthened, movement controlled and, of course, help you get and stay fit!    

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